Phenix Organics prides itself on teaching alternative yoga styles including vinyasa, power, hiphop, chair, aerial ( coming in fall '20) and stretching. This allows us to be inclusive of all cultures, sexes and socioeconomic groups. Our meditation focuses on mantra, guided and gong.  We offer flexible options for your journey include community, private groups and one on one.



Our Workshop and Retreat offerings range from private farm tours, out of country getaways to live online workshops in herbs and yoga practices. Join us for unique and uplifting experiences

Phenix Organics flexible options for your journey include private sessions to allow you to become  more familiar with your body and its physical capabilities. This is done in a private and relaxed setting before jumping head on into a class. The one-on-one sessions allow you to have a personalized guided session tailored to the areas your body most needs strengthening.

East Point, Georgia


Tel: 469-554-9555

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