Vinyasa Yoga 

Vinyasa Yoga is a flowing, dynamic sequence of poses sometimes called "VinyasaFlow Yoga" this type of practice involves synchronizing the breath with a continuous flow of postures.

The word “vinyasa” can be translated as “arranging something in a special way,” like yoga poses for example. In our vinyasa yoga classes, students coordinate movement with breath and music  to flow from one pose to the next. Ashtanga, Baptiste Yoga, Jivamukti, Power Yoga, and Prana Flow could all be considered vinyasa yoga.

Power Yoga 

Looking to increase your metabolism with a combination of a cardio and muscle building core workout, while leveling your body's equilibrium? Power Vinyasa Flow Yoga is a powerful, energetic form of yoga where students fluidly move from one pose to the next while connecting their breathing to their movements. This type of yoga is taught in a heated environment, making it a vigorous and revitalizing form of physical fitness.

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HipHop Yoga 

HipHop Yoga class is a nontraditional approach to Power/ Vinyasa flow for those who would like to try yoga for the physical benefits but shy away from the stereotypical traditional western approach. As hiphop classics from the 80s to now play in the background to liven our spirits, this class is designed to form asanas to the beat of the music leaving you ready for the world!

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