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Fatima Shani

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Fatima Shani Mathews, originally from Hoboken New Jersey now resides in Atlanta Georgia after 10yrs in Dallas Texas. A certified yoga Instructor, corrective stretch therapist and herbalist, Fatima has 2 little yogis who love practicing meditation, yoga and drinking herbal tea with their mom. Her favorite herb is moringa-it gives you all the nutrients your body needs! Fatima received her certification in yoga instruction from the Institute of Spirituality in Texas with Lex Gilliam. She earned her herbalism certification through the People’s School of Medicine with Amanda David. Fatima has dedicated her life to the study of herbs in countries of people of color, so far visiting 13 countries, studying under the native medicine men and women.  She has practiced and taught yoga & herbal healing for over 15 years and loves its ability to show how perfectly imperfect we are at any facet of our lives, making them ideal practices for all ages! Fatima’s favorite affirmation word is “abundance”- if you live with an abundant mindset you will never worry. “

Richard Darius 

Richard is a our operations man. He is hands on with harvesting, setup and preparation. He keeps the tribe on task and focused with time management and organizational skills. Richard is the one who carves the bamboo for the candles. Who is up in the trees collecting moringa seeds and anything the tribe needs! Richard is studying to be an environmental engineer. His favorite herb is cocoa because it is dark rich and multifaceted just like him! 

Estina Ain

Estina is always the helper! a 6th grade student, Estina is always eager to chip in with administrative, teaching and foraging tasks. She types up herbal and class information for dissemination. She assists with major harvesting tasks and is a co-teacher for the little yogi classes. Estina aspires to have her yoga teacher certification by the age of 14. She is studying to be a veterinarian. Estina's favorite herb is peppermint as it is sweet and tangy just like her.

East Point, Georgia


Tel: 469-554-9555

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